Service & support

Authorized repair & support center

NorthLab is an authorized repair and support center for the 3SAE and FITEL range of specialty fiber fusion splicers, preparation tools and accessories. For all service and repair matters, please e-mail or call us at +46 8-7880880.

Fiber splicing and processing services

NorthLab is specialized in fiber processing services to meet your production requirements from proof of concept, R&D, through qualification to volume production. We utilize our comprehensive range of patented technologies which includes fiber splicing/processing and fiber preparartion equipment.

Our customers turn to NorthLab to leverage our years of experience and expertise in optical fiber preparation and glass processing.

Our services range from standard SMF/PM spliced assemblies to process-intensive optical components such as fused fiber bundles, optical combiners, mode field adapters, end caps, ball lenses, tapered axicon lenses, fiber attenuators and soft-glass fusion splicing. NorthLab's proprietary fiber preparation and splicing technologies supports fiber diameters from 80 µm to 2500 µm.