NorthLab Interferometer, ProView LD

Fiber End Face Interferometer & Microscope

NorthLab´s ProView LD™ is a highly advanced interferometer for precise measurement and inspection of fiber end faces with cladding diameters between 125 - 720μm. The interferometer is specifically designed for production lines where a simple, fast and very accurate end face inspection is required. The ProView LD is also well suited for R&D environments and for fiber cleaver maintenance purposes.

In many cases an interferometric fringe pattern can be very complicated to analyze and understand. For ease of use and optimal inspection speed the ProView LD includes highly advanced and fully automatic functions for 2D and 3D topographic analyses of the end face surface. The software automatically indicates the angle, flatness and slope direction of the end face.

To simplify the inspection process even further the ProView LD can be set to a “PASS/FAIL” mode. This function allows the operator to simply determine the end face quality via color codes on the image.

In addition to cleave angle inspection the ProView LD can also be used to measure several other properties such as fiber diameters and distance between defined points etc.

The ProView LD has a unique fiber clamping mechanism which can accommodate standard fiber holders from Fitel or Fujikura but also allows the use of bare fibers. Custom made clamps or adapters can be offered on request. The ProView LD is delivered with a universal sized v-groove clamp assembly.

The ProView LD has a compact design which makes it ideal for a production bench and to be used side-by-side with fusion splicers, cleavers and other preparation tools. The ProView LD is connected and powered via an USB 3.0 cable and hosted by an external PC (not included).

Unique features

  • For fiber cladding diameters from 125 to 720μm
  • 2D and 3D topography
  • Fringe & Inspection mode from PC Controller GUI
  • Very fast inspection time with automatic angle estimation
  • Optional use of PASS/FAIL cleave angle indication
  • Inspection of end-face properties such as flatness, perpendicularity, hackles and contamination
  • Grab and save 2D and 3D images and cleave data