About us

What we do

NorthLab Photonics AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a company with focus and expertise in distribution and development of fiber optic tools and technologies for optical fiber preparation, fusion splicing, processing, and related applications. Our products and services are used at many of the world’s leading photonics, aerospace, military research facilities, institutes, and universities.

Since our inception, the company has provided advanced fiber optic fusion splicing & fiber preparation solutions and introduced product innovations that enabled new capabilities in the production of optical components, Bragg gratings, double clad fibers, high-powered fiber lasers and other optical systems. 

Our partner 3SAE Technologies Inc. holds multiple patents and awards related to optical fiber preparation and fiber optic stripping. 3SAE´s Wide Area Plasma Technology™, better known as the "Ring of Fire®", has vastly improved optical fiber R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Specific advancements made in the large diameter splicing arena including adiabatic tapering, MFA fabrication, Bundling/Pump combining, Photonic Crystal Fiber splicing, fiber stripping, cleaving and plasma cleaning.