Authorized fusion splicing repair and support center
– 3SAE, Ericsson and FITEL

NorthLab is the European service and support center for the 3SAE line of products including several custom engineered products and technologies

As the only worldwide authorized Ericsson fusion splicer service center we provide repair, spare parts and technical support for the complete line of Ericsson fusion splicers, fiber optic recoaters, cleavers and accessories. We also offer refurbished Ericsson fusion splicers as available.

NorthLab is an authorized service and support center for the FITEL range of specialty fiber fusion splicers and accessories. This includes, both for the Ericsson and FITEL products, services and know-how related to splicing and preparation of Large Diameter Fibers (LDF), PM fibers, Erbium fibers and much more. In addition to repair and technical support this includes a wide range of services in the area of fiber processing such as bundling, tapering, stripping, cleaving etc.

Specialty Splicing Services
NorthLab´s Specialty Splicing Services extends from one-of-a-kind to mass produced; from simple to highly complex fiber optic assemblies. We can implement your existing designs and/or work with you to meet new requirements. Our assistance includes complete documentation of all splicing programs and procedures including measurement, test inspection, quality assurance and final packaging. Our areas of expertise also include fiber stripping, cleaving, bundling/combining, large diameter fusion splicing, lens/prism/end cap fusion, photonic crystal fiber processing, and Polarization Maintaining fiber splicing. We employ both commercially available and proprietary test and measurement systems designed for the complete optimization of all standard and specialty optical fibers.

Our fusion splicing training programs are internationally recognized for their excellence and expertise in the area of specialty fiber preparation and fusion splicing.
We provide multi level training courses at your location or at out training facility in Stockholm, Sweden. The areas of study include hands-on operational training, basic service training and preventative maintenance, as well as highly advanced technical training for fusion splice optimization. NorthLab offers process consulting and product installation services for volume production splicing at your company’s location.

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