Large Diameter Fiber Processing

Cleaving, Splicing, Tapering, End Capping, and Bundling (Pump Combiners). Processing for fiber diameters up to 2.5mm.



The Combiner Manufacturing System (CMS) is an optical glass processing system designed to maintain production level repeatability for combiners and other fused optical components.


ProCleave LD – Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver

The NorthLab ProCleave LD is a fiber cleaver for large diameter fibers up to 550 μm. The ProCleave LD is specifically designed for use in production lines where ease-of-use, process speed and a high production yield is crucial but is also well suited for R&D environments.


ProView Interferometer

NorthLab´s ProView is an highly advanced interferometer for precise measurement and inspection of fiber end faces.

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3SAE Taper Manufacturing Station (TMS)

The production-ready Taper Manufacturing Station (TMS) with optional cleaving package is designed for use in the manufacturing of optical fiber tapers, bundles and couplers.


Fitel S184 Fusion Splicer

Ring of Fire ® wide area wide area plasma splicer for 80um to 1.2mm large diameter fibers.


3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Splicing Station (LDS II)

Large Diameter Splicing system for fiber bundling, tapering, end-caps and splicing.


S178LDF - Large Diameter Fusion Splicer

The FITEL S178LDF Large Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer offers the new style of splicing the large diameter fiber. Its robust, compact and hand-held design allows portability and adapts to any location. Core alignment function achieves the precise splice. Fast splice and simple operation increases the working efficiency.


NorthLab Ultrasonic Cleaner

Frequency tuned, designed specifically for optical fibers.


NorthLab Ultrasonic Cleaner - Large Bowl

Purpose-built ultrasonic fiber cleaner that was designed specifically for fiber optic applications.


NorthLab Thermal Stripper - Adjustable

Thermal mechanical stripper for fiber diameters (30-1000um)


3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver II LDF (LCC II)

High performance piezo Large Diameter cleaver for 125um to 1000um fiber utilizing 3SAE's Liquid Clamp Technology™ patent pending


NorthLab End Face Prep Station II (EPS II)

High performance polisher for large diameter fiber processing, 600um to 2000um


3SAE AutoStrip II

Automatic mid-span fiber stripping unit utilizing Burst Technology ™.


3SAE Capillary Speed Loader (CSL)

Polyimide mid-span window stripper utilizing Ion Enhanced Cold Plasma Technology™.