Fiber Cleaving Products

NorthLab Photonics provides the most advanced, high performance large diameter fiber cleavers in the world. Our products are specifically designed for the cleaving of fibers ranging from 80um up to 2mm in diameter and are compatible with shaped fibers, polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, and photonic crystal fibers (PCF). Our revolutionary, patent pending, large diameter fiber, Liquid Clamp™ LDF Cleaving Technology is unmatched for performance and repeatability by consistently producing the flattest cleaves for round and shaped LD fibers. An alternative to a tension LDF cleaving, our partner 3SAE Technologies has developed the only polish-based end-face preparation station combined with a subsequent cleaning process that ensures the highest yield for high power laser splicing. All of 3SAE’s large diameter fiber cleavers now feature angled fiber cleaving, allowing for low reflection cleave angles and providing adjustable angled cleaves from 0 to 15 degrees.