Press release

May 11, 2015

NorthLab will release several new products at the exhibition in Munich June 22-25 including the 3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Splicing/Processing System LDS 2.5, Noria FBG manufacturing solution, ProCleave LD a fiber Cleaver for large area fibers, ProCleave SD a cleaver for standard fibers and the highly flexible and modular fiber recoater, ProCoater.  Come visit us [...]

May 11, 2015

Come and se the TMS taper manufacturing station from 3SAE in action in Laser Components both number B3.303at Laser World of Photonics in Munich June 22 – 25.

May 11, 2015

The NORIA tool is a manufacturing tool to produce Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). A Deep Ultra Violet laser (Coherent Excistar XS 500Hz—ArF) and a phase mask (Ibsen Photonics) are used to transfer a periodic pattern into the core of a photosensitive optical fiber. The NORIA tool holds a number of different masks in a revolver [...]

May 11, 2015

NorthLab was presented in an extensive article in the Swedish industry magazine “Elektroniktidningen”. Read the article in the pdf version of the magazine through the link below (only in Swedish):

February 11, 2015

Come and learn more about the Noria FBG manufacturing solution in our booth 4941 at Photonics West in San Francisco.

May 16, 2013

With several new products to display NorthLab Photonics has had a very successful week at the Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Munich. Today, Thursday, is the last day of four day event. Come visit us in the Laser 2000 both number 421 in hall B1. Read more about the exhibition at the official web [...]

April 22, 2013

NorthLab will release several new products at the exhibition in Munich May 13-16 including the Taper Manufacuring Station (TMS) and the Lens Forming Station (LFS II) from 3SAE. Come visit us in the Laser 2000 both number 421 in hall B1. E-mail or call us to set up a demo and/or meeting. Read more about [...]

February 6, 2013

Come and se the new TMS taper station from 3SAE in action in both 5040 at Photonics West.

February 5, 2013

The Photonics West exhibition opened today and the interest in the new products from 3SAE was big. NorthLab is present to take care of all the visitors from Europe and have many meetings and demos scheduled with key clients. Come visit us in the 3SAE both 5040.

February 5, 2013

Setting up the both together with the 3SAE team. It all starts tomorrow, Feb 5. Meet us in both 5040.

Fitel distributorship in Europe for lab and factory applications

August 22, 2009 NorthLab Photonics is proud to announce the cooperation with Furukawa Electric in Europe. As distributor for the specialty splicing range of product NorthLab will provide both products and services to enhance splicing performance in the factory and lab to customers across Europe.