Meet NorthLab at Photonics West 2018

Jan 30 to Feb 1 in San Francisco, 3SAE booth number 4969. 


Fiber end face measurement and inspection

NorthLab’s ProView is a highly advanced interferometer and microscope for fiber end faces.


The ProCoater, an ultra-compact fiber recoater

Easy to use and covers a wide range of fiber diameters, making it ideal for production as well as research & development applications.


CMS – Tapering, bundling and splicing with Thermally Stabilized Plasma™

The Combiner Manufacturing System (CMS) is an optical glass processing system designed to maintain production level repeatability for combiners and other fused optical components.


Standard diameter cleaver from NorthLab

The ProCleave SD is an easy to use electronic fiber cleaver for fibers up to 250 μm designed for manufacturing lines and R&D.



Competence centre for advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing

NorthLab Photonics is a European competence centre for advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing. Our products and services are specifically designed for a wide area of applications from manufacturing of Fiber Lasers, Mode field adapters (MFA), Combiners/Bundles to preparation and splicing of polyimide, exotic and Large Diameter Fibers.