New standard diameter cleaver from NorthLab

The ProCleave SD is an easy to use electronic fiber cleaver for fibers up to 230 μm designed for manufacturing lines and R&D.

ProCleave SD pic 3.jpg

NORIA – a complete FBG manufacturing solution

Make your FBG’s in-house. For manufacturing and R&D. See the NORIA live at Laser World of Photonics June 22-25


Large Diameter Cleaver from NorthLab

The new NorthLab ProCleave LD for cleaving of fibers from 125 – 550 um cladding diameter.


Fiber optic competence center

Products and solutions for advanced fiber splicing/processing, cleaving, tapering, combiners and much more… From standard to large diameter fibers


Lens Forming Station, LFS II

Bell Lens Production – A fully automatic system designed for production of high quality fiber ball lenses




Competence centre for advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing

NorthLab Photonics is a European competence centre for advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing. Our products and services are specifically designed for a wide area of applications from manufacturing of Fiber Lasers, Mode field adapters (MFA), Combiners/Bundles to preparation and splicing of polyimide, exotic and Large Diameter Fibers.